The Power of Peace

The Power of Peace

With the pandemic, working in the music industry has presented new career-threatening realities and challenges. Always seeking to be aligned with my passions, I was forced to find creative and unique ways to create a new business, while maintaining the career and brand I've worked so many years to build and maintain.  I’ve been afforded the opportunity to utilize and expand far more than just my singing talents this year (my creative way of saying this year kicked my butt, but I learned a lot - lol).  But the greatest lesson I learned this year - the value of quiet and self care. 

In 2020, I began to revert into a much needed shell where I believe I will remain for sometime. New layers and possibilities of myself emerged that I want to be very careful to nurture. It began with the building blocks of a new business venture and the greater purpose God has revealed to me for it. I’ve been working harder than ever the past few months and I’m ULTRA proud of myself. Sometimes, life forces us into corners that allow us to prove our capabilities. 

In 2020, God has forced me to take a closer look at MY stuff. LOTS of stuff that I’ve neglected - not intentionally, but because there was no room. Stuff that needed fixing. Needed exposing. Needed healing. This year, I finally had the time to work on the areas of life I was always too busy for. And the woman I've become as a result of it is literally life-changing. 


If you’re like this, take some time for YOU today (or this week). I believe we are guided all the time, but we are often too busy  moving to hear. We risk working harder; not smarter... or passing opened doors and missing opportunities... or losing valuable progress. The very sign you are looking for might be waiting on you to simply stand still so you can hear it. 

Cheers to an AMAZING New Year...

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